Our Cardiology department works to protect the cardiac health of the people, to examine, test, diagnose and treat current heart diseases within suitable rules. Cardiac rehabilitation and Coronary Intensive Care Units support these works.

Diseases diagnosed and treated in the Cardiology Department include:
* Heart attack
* Cardiac failure
* Hypertension
* High cholesterol levels
* Coronary Failure
* Rhythm and Transmission Disorders of the Heart
* Cardiac valve Diseases
* Aorta Diseases
* Congenital heart diseases

Coronary Intensive Care Units in our hospital are equipped with modern technology and
provide service continuously for 24 hours. Severe heart problems such as heart attack,
acute heart failure, cardiogenic shock are closely followed and treated in this unit.

Tests performed in the Department include:
* Electrocardiography (ECG):
* Effort (Treadmill) Test:
* Transthoracic (Superficial) Echocardiography
* Holter for 24 hours
* Blood pressure holter
* Emergency procedures
* Immediate angiographic treatment of the heart attack
* Coronary angiography
* Electrophysiological Study (EPS)
* Coronary Angioplasty (Stent placement)
* Temporary and permanent Pacemaker

* Peripheral Angiography (vascular angiography of legs, arms and the neck)


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